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We take advantage of the latest building technology

We use traditional techniques to support our craft. We discuss ideas while evaluating your property. We dedicate our knowledge and investment to your project 100% and we exceed in every job we do.

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You’ll only receive honesty and reliability with Christie Carpentry. Providing highly professional services that we are proud of.

  • We take on all size projects from bedroom and bathroom renovations to complete new builds.
  • We offer inclusive project management services as well as pre-purchase inspections and we carry out builder’s reports for all property purchases in Raglan.
  • We are registered Master Builders and a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Contact us for any information you need. We will respond rapidly and give you our honest, professional advice. Our testimonials prove it.

Why Choose Christie Carpentry

Christie Carpentry is a family run, local, Raglan building company who have been operating in Raglan for the past 17 years. Paul Christie has over 30 years experience in the building industry and our close knit team have a variety of expertise and specialties. Choosing to use Christie Carpentry as your Master Builder means that you are choosing quality. We meet the certain criteria which includes:

  • Building experience
  • Trade and professional qualifications
  • On-site management experience
  • Workmanship: previous clients have been contacted to ensure their work is of a high standard and has satisfied their expectations
  • Financial responsibility: written references can be provided from their bank, accountant and building material suppliers.