building carpentry with style & ease


We will work with you on your new build, house renovation or home improvement project.


We are happy to discuss any ideas for any future projects. You’ll never look back!


We have a competent team of sub contractors to help complete your work. Their skills and crafts are all part of our project management services.

Our carpenters work efficiently and accurately to have your custom project completed. Check out our references from past customers.

New Builds

Construction requires the integration of numerous trades in building your home.

The management of building your home is an essential part of project management and this is where we come in. We care about your investment and understand each building block of what is required.

It takes SERIOUS Precision!

We use a thorough system that displays day to day activities and monitoring of contractors and sub-contractors.

New Sun Drenched Residence at Bow Street

Artistic and Full of Flare

The Country Produce Store

Rustic and Attractive

Home Renovations

Looking at Home Renovations and Extensions?  Let us help you add value and make your house, or holiday home, a more comfortable space with a home renovation or a home extension.

We will work with you and match your lifestyle and budget. Together we will produce a stunning new environment that works for you and your family.

We will help you maintain the WOW factor; we can help transform your spaces to modern and stylish areas that meet your needs.

Experience is a huge factor in home renovation work. Our team have years of experience in complex and large renovations and extensions in the Raglan area and we have successfully changed and modernised a large volume of baches and houses. We use a team of expert contractors from tilers, electricians, plumbers and painters to complete these projects to a high standard.

Let us help you breathe a fresh breath of life into your home!

Old Raglan Bach Converted to a Living Space

Before and after

Bach with a view

Before and after

Renovate to suit

Tailored to meet your requirements

Home Improvements

When you are looking at doing any home improvements, big or small, let us provide you with the best possible experience – as you know small changes can make a BIG difference.

Any spaces that become tired, old and run down, or have just outgrown areas in your house, we will help you transform them back to their original or modernised glory.

We will work closely with you and your needs with minimal disruption and keeping to your budget.

We have years of experience in home improvements, and have a competent team who excel in these areas. No job is too big, or too small, and we understand the importance of working with customers. Check our customer testimonials which provide positive feedback in the home improvements that have been undertaken by Christie Carpentry.

Kitchen and Bathroom Improvements

Modern and clean design

Deck additions and extensions

Expanding the footprint of your home